Where’s the Best Place to Raise a Family? Rio Rancho!

Whether your family is small or large, when you’re looking for a new place to call home, your children’s future is always at the forefront of your mind. Are there parks around the neighborhood for them to play in? Is the community gated? How close is the nearest grocery store? How are the schools?

These are questions we receive frequently, and are factors for many of the families we work with when trying to find them the ideal home for them and their loved ones. When choosing a home, these questions become much more than simple elements, but crucial aspects that can determine whether you live there for decades or opt to move after only a few years.

If you’re thinking of moving to New Mexico, the immediate go-to is often Albuquerque – which may be great if you’re a college student hoping to go to the University. However, if you’re a young family looking for a fresh start, you may want to consider the meritorious city of Rio Rancho. Over the years, Rio Rancho has quickly expanded into a formidable contender when choosing the best city to call home. Its low crime rates, affordable housing, and clean neighborhoods are a positive draw for many.

To add to the list of Rio Rancho’s alluring attributes, its two public high schools, Rio Rancho High & V. Sue Cleveland High, both earned a silver rating from the U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 Best High Schools in the nation. This accolade is determined by the school’s ability prepare its students for college, graduation rates, state assessment test results, and whether or not they participate in reduced-price lunch programs.

We understand that distinctions such as these are valuable for determining where to move. At Team Sedoryk Properties, we curate information like this to provide to our clients so we can help them choose not just any home, but their dream home! If you’re considering Rio Rancho as your next place to call home – let us help!