Top 5 Questions from Clients

1. Can you tell me how much my home is worth?
Homeowners are usually curious to find out the current value of their home, whether or not they are wanting to sell. The value of one of your largest assets should always be a figure you know or can easily obtain from a professional Realtor. We find it is advisable to conduct periodic financial reviews so that any increases or decreases in the value of your property is not a surprise.

2. How long will it take to sell my home?
The length of time it will take to sell a home depends on the preparation. We have a specific “make ready” process that our clients subscribe to when they agree to list their home.
This process ensures that the home is market ready thereby minimizing the number of days it takes for the home to go under contract. On average, a home’s day on market (DOM) for the Greater Albuquerque area is approximately 80 days.

3. How will my home be marketed?
In today’s society and the ever evolving technology, the way we market your property has never been easier or more effective. In fact, we have so many options that it is imperative to strategize on how and when to implement each tool at our disposal. We feel it is vital to use both digital and print media to reach a target market. These tools ensure that everyone who is in the market for a home, will find it.

4. What will I need to do?
Preparing your home to sell can be challenge, despite the homeowner’s record of periodic home maintenance. A pre-list inspection is critical in identifying those issues that can affect a prospective buyer’s opinion of the property during showings. While property owners may be embarrassed or insulted by the report, it is imperative that any known or unknown issues be resolved prior to the home’s debut on the market. In addition, the interior and exterior of the home must be maintained to the level of a “model home that someone happens to live in”. This will ensure that the sale cycle will be shorter and the buyer will have little or no objections to the value assigned to the home.

5. When do I have to vacate my home once it sells?
An occupancy date is established at the time a Purchase Agreement is accepted on the home. Usually, the buyers take possession of a home the day after the Settlement/Signing date (Closing date). Possession is granted once the buyer’s funds are dispersed and the sale is recorded with appropriate County Clerk’s office. Often, these events can occur on the same day. There are occasions, however, that the Buyer’s lender will require the executed sale documents be returned to them for a final approval. This can sometimes prolong occupancy for the buyers until the following business day.