Man Repairing Residential Furnace

Tips to Keep Your Home Healthy

Whether we’re talking about the well being of your house and its value, or the well- being of its inhabitants, keeping your home healthy boils down to a few crucial activities that many homeowners fail to keep up with. Carpets, air ducts, bathroom tiles, and water damage — left to their own devices, all of these can wear away at the value of your home and potentially produce ‘sick building syndrome’, making inhabitants prone to illness and ailments. Whether you’re buying or selling your home, keep these four tips in mind:

1) Schedule regular residential cleaning

A complete top to bottom scrubbing for your home is exactly what you need to avoid these problems. Many of them don’t demand excessive amounts of attention — you don’t need duct cleaning that often, for example — but all of them are important. Dirty ducts worsen air quality and wear away at your HVAC system. Mold in the walls and mildew on your tiles can do the same. Keep things clean, and you won’t have problems.

2) Watch the humidity

A home that’s too humid encourages all sorts of problems: mold, mildew, pests, and water damage. All of these threaten the value of your home and the health of its inhabitants. On the other hand, a home that’s too dry offers its own share of issues: worsening allergies, increased susceptibility to fire, and so on. Find a happy medium and stick with it.

3) Repair damage quickly

Left untreated, damage to your home can get worse; even minor fire and water damage can worsen the stability of your home, leading to massive amounts of damage as the structure shifts. Don’t leave these problems alone for long, as they’ll only get worse.

4) Use top-quality filtration technology wherever possible

HEPA-filter vacuums and fine HVAC filters — these sorts of technologies make your home healthier by eliminating the particles that wear away at people and equipment. Dust and dander can engender allergic reactions, shorten the lifespan of your electronics and other home appliances, and even increase your risk of fire. Keep your home’s air quality as clean as possible, and many problems will resolve themselves without you even noticing.

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