Old Colorado City Homes for Sale

Old Colorado City began as the main supply hub for gold mines during the Pike Peak Gold Rush in 1859, and has since continued to charm folks with its rich history and culture. Located just west of downtown, this district sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, making it close to both the city and its amenities, as well as the mountains and an abundance of outdoor activities. This historic community serves as an intriguing destination for tourists and a quaint place to call home for locals, where trees outnumber the amount of neighbors and they like it that way! Locally-owned shops and restaurants line the main road, Colorado Avenue, which runs through the quiet community, making its unique and well-established culture known to all who pass through. Living is made quaint, comfortable, and simple again at Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs!

Stats and Numbers

Colorado City is an overall small community where few people live with a population of 2,221. Its rural landscape makes it a vehicle-based living area where daily commutes near 25 to 30 minutes. It sits in the large D11 school district which presents many options for online, charter, and traditional schooling. While many of its amenities are small and local, a great deal of entertainment, shopping, and dining options are available in downtown Colorado Springs, located only a few minutes away.

How Team Sedoryk Properties Finds Your Dream Home

During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your price range and as well as the features you are looking for in a home. We will also cover mortgage pre-approval if you plan on financing a home, and we can direct you towards various lenders that we have successfully partnered with in the past to help your experience go along more smoothly.

Using our Multiple Listing Service, we’ll present you with online viewings of homes that match your criteria. From there, you’ll pick your top properties and we’ll tour them in person

You Officially Own a Beautiful Old Colorado City Home

A fair offer will be determined upon a Competitive Market Analysis. After the seller approves the purchase price, we will file for an inspection of your new home. Following any repairs, a final inspection will be done, all documents will be finalized and at last – you’re officially new home owners in the historic community of Old City Colorado!