Make Your Home Your Own on a Budget

You’ve finally done it – you purchased a brand new house! A new place means one thing: you’re going to want to make it truly feel like home by adding your own personal touch, but understandably, you’re a little tight on money. Well we’ve got a few ways you can turn your new home into to the chic paradise you’ve always dreamed of!

Old jars and glass canisters: Have empty glass jars or tall canisters hidden away in the back of your cabinet? Bring them out & put them to good use! Fill them with pens, decorative rocks, potpourri, or even edible items such as walnuts! Arrange them by a window or along a coffee table for an instant and inexpensive way to add something eye catching for your guests to look at.


Mirrors: You can stop by your local thrift store and you’ll likely find some heavily discounted mirrors. If you’re not lucky enough to snag a cheap body mirror, even a few small ones will do. Place them on the walls in a room without windows or above a piece of furniture. Mirrors add instant depth to a cramped room and as an added bonus, you can personalize them by adding your own frames!


Rearrange your books: Have you accumulated a lot of books over your lifetime? Try taking them off their dusty shelves and moving them to new places! Place a few on the coffee table or put a tall stack by your beside! If the safety of children or pets is not an issue, you can place a small lamp on top for a rustic feel!


Plants: Plants are an excellent way to add life to your home. Not to mention, if you take exceptionally good care of them, they can last for years! Seeds are typically a few dollars a pack, and remember those old glass jars we talked about? Those can be your planters! Don’t worry if you don’t think you have a green thumb, succulents and cacti require very little attention. We love the sansevieria for this reason!


Paint your front door: To personalize the outside of your home, nothing is easier or cheaper than a fresh coat of paint. Go matte or go bold – whichever you choose, as long as the color presents a stark contrast to the overall house color, visitors and passersby will surely stop to compliment!


These are just a few ideas to get you started! You already have the most important aspect when it comes to decorating your house – creativity! Your budget may be limited, but your imagination is not!

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