Historic North End Homes for Sale

Character, community, and craftsmanship are a few of the reasons why so many are drawn to the Historic North End in Colorado Springs. With a history dating back to the 1800’s, these residencies are infamous for their tall ceilings, large front porches, and beautiful landscapes filled with tall, lush trees and perfectly trimmed bushes. The Historic North End community sits at the north border of Downtown Colorado Springs, making their variety of entertainment, dinning, and shopping only a short walk away! This long-standing district is also within close proximity to one of Colorado’s highly acclaimed institutions, Colorado College. With a perfect balance of urban-living college students and traditional-living retirees in an area noted for its safety and close sense of community, the properties at Historic North End are highly sought after, so you better act fast! A quiet, quaint lifestyle awaits you at your new home in the charming district of Historic North End Colorado Springs!

Stats and Numbers

Historic North End sits within the Downtown Colorado Springs district with a population of 80,276. Students in this area attend the D11 school district with multiple, highly ranked elementary, middle, and high schools. This area is within walking distance to the many amenities offered downtown but will otherwise require a car for further travel. This community is approximately one hour from Denver and close to many attractions like Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and more!

Acquiring a Home In Historic North End

First, you’ll want to set an amount that you’re willing to spend or can afford to spend on a new home. Your mortgage will need to be pre-approved if you plan on financing, and if you’re not already working with a lender, we can refer you to several that we have previously and successfully worked with.

Next, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for in a Historic North End home. This data will be entered into our Multiple Listing Service, which will compile a list of available homes that align with your wants and needs. Upon determining which are your favorites, we can then tour these properties in person!

When you select the perfect home, the team at Sedoryk Properties will perform a Competitive Market analysis to determine an appropriate offer. Once approved by the seller, we are able to move forward with the final steps.

Congratulations On Purchasing a New Home!

The last step to be completed is an inspection on your new home. Once the necessary repairs are done and one final inspection is passed, congratulations—you’ve officially become the new owner of a beautiful Historic North End home!