Briargate Homes for Sale

Popular for its modernity and conveniency, Briargate is a large area in the city of Colorado Springs whose foundation was built with a strong focus on the quality of life. Its founders envisioned a community that was family-oriented, safe and enjoyable, and it has continued to live up to their expectations for the past 24 years. Most of its houses and developments were built from the 1980’s into the early 2000’s, making Briargate up-to-date and particularly modern in comparison to neighboring communities. The infamous Promenade Shops at Briargate provide the community with much entertainment, shopping, and dining. However, if you’re looking for more outdoor-based amusement, there’s plenty to do in the Rocky Mountain area such as hiking, golfing, visiting national parks, or fishing in Briargate’s own Pine Creek. Many choose Colorado because of its quality of life, and Briargate continues to live at its best. With its many recreational opportunities and activities, it’s clear why Briargate is the perfect place for you to call home!

Stats and Numbers

Briargate is the located in the northernmost part of Colorado Springs and is its most popular and fastest growing residential area. The community of Briargate is within the largest and most popular school district, D20, known for its high ranking elementary, middle, and high schools. It’s population is 44,221 and the average commute is around 30 minutes.

Buying Your Briargate Home

Upon discussing your new home expectations, a price will be determined for what you are willing or can afford to spend. If you’re looking to finance, your mortgage will need to be pre-approved, and if in need of a lender, we are happy to provide you with a list of those we have successfully worked with in the past!

From there, we will view a list of available homes online after narrowing your search through our Multiple Listing Service. You’ll choose your favorites and we will then view these properties in person. Once you’ve found the perfect Briargate home, our team will perform a Competitive Market Analysis to decide on an offer that’s pleasing to both you and the seller.

Welcome to Your New Home

After the seller approves the purchase price, an inspection of the home will be done and any necessary repairs will be made. Your home will the undergo one last final inspection and after it’s passed, it is officially yours and we welcome to your new Briargate home!