Better Home Buying: Must Be This Tall to Ride

As a child, for many people, going to an amusement park was something you looked forward to. However, we’ve all been at a stage in our lives when some of the roller coasters were just a bit out of reach, so you were forced to go on the “little kid rides”. Then finally, you think you’ve grown enough to make the height requirement to go on the “big kid” rides. You wait in line with your family and friends, and make it all the way to the ride entrance, just to find that that you are not quite tall enough to get on the ride.

Not only are you saddened to have waited all the time to go on this amazing ride, but you are also a tad embarrassed. Whether this has been your experience or not, we’ve all likely have encountered this feeling at some point in our lives, and it’s not a feeling we’d like to repeat.

When it comes to home buying, a similar situation can occur. Many people start the search of finding their dream home, find the perfect house, and begin negotiating the contract. They make an offer on the house, only to find that they don’t have the finances to obtain the home. Not only do people going through this process feel embarrassed, but they are also disappointed to not be moving into their dream home.

Avoid the frustration of finding the perfect home only to find out you are unable to afford the mortgage payments. Best practice is if you are buying a home with a loan, make sure you visit with a trusted mortgage professional before you start the home buying process.

By speaking with a trusted mortgage professional, you’ll be able to find out how your credit score will affect your mortgage rate, discover any issues with your credit that you may be able to correct, and even get a pre-approval letter that you can submit when you make an offer on a home. This can dramatically affect the negotiation process in today’s market, and make for an easier home buying experience.

If you are serious about getting into the home of your dreams and starting the home buying process, contact Team Sedoryk Properties today! We can help you sift through the list of current Albuquerque homes for sale to help you find the perfect one, as well as guide you to finding the right mortgage professional for you!